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Passion for Greece is a social travel platform with great emphasis on the visual trend. Discover, Explore and Share remarkable places, activities and things to do in Greece. Our mission is to deliver a fresh approach on how travelers create, organize and consume tourism experiences. Travelers and travel bloggers are and will continue to be our active partners in creating and promoting their personalized product. We are dedicated to featuring meaningful content that will inspire you to visit Greece and socially share the highlights of your trip with your friends and family around the world.

To take this project one step further we are also investing our efforts into promoting Greek products we feel capture the uniqueness of Greece, as well as a Wedding tales section, with information and tips if you want to have a mythical wedding in the breathtaking landscapes that the country has to offer.

Forget about spending endless hours and searching through various sources, with tips and recommendations which are scattered all over the place, to craft your ideal holiday. We have a solution that will minimize the number of clicks and the hassle of searching through emails, and notes that you have jotted down, as well as trying to remember where you had read about a particular restaurant you wish to try out. Passion for Greece allows you to create your own itinerary by collecting stories that inspire you.  We invite you to connect the dots and share our Passion for unique experiences.