About Athens

Athens is a city that has something to offer many tourist types: the culture and history buffs, the party people, the tourists that enjoy the perks of a coastal cityduring hot summers, and the lovers of mouth-watering, nutritional Mediterranean cuisine.

The city centre is typically known as Syntagma square, which is a main hub for public transport, trams, metro and buses. From the Parliament building and straight down, you will find the most known street for high street shopping, Ermou. Continuing straight down the pedestrian street of Ermou, you will come to another square which is known as Monastiraki. To the left of the square you will see the grandiose Acropolis. The area to the left of Monastiraki is called Plaka, and you can follow the cobble stone streets to get to Thiseio, before you walk around the national park area, round to the entrance of the monument. On the right of the Monastiraki square, is the area Psirri, and to the right side of Ermou, before you arrive at Monastiraki square, you have popular night life area Agia Eirini square. On the right side of Syntagma you will find the prestigious region of Kolonaki, the poshest place in town!